SBCTC New Faculty Institute Coming Up!

NFI GraphicHere in the Assessment, Teaching, and Learning department of the Education division of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, we are gearing up for our annual New Faculty Institute. Yesterday, our Instructional Services Specialist told us that we have 160 attendees– double our numbers from the last few years!

As the newly-hired Program Administrator for Faculty Development, organizing this convening is one of my primary responsibilities, and I am excited about the opportunity. I have been visioning and re-visioning the conference theme and agenda– not just the session content, but also their over-arching sequence and alignment.

I grew up in this system: I was first hired as adjunct faculty at Highline Community College, Green River Community College, and South Seattle Community College. When I was hired as tenure-track English faculty at Green River in 2003, I attended this Institute. I still remember the interactive opening plenary my now-boss, Bill Moore, led with Jim Harnish (a faculty member from North Seattle) on the Big Ideas. My passion for the inquiry question they posed led to my becoming Lead Faculty for the Big Ideas in Composition and Literature . . . but that’s another blog entry.

So the question I’ve been thinking about as of my start date (and even before) of August 1st has been this: What do new (and not-so-new) faculty need to know about the core concepts critical for effective instructional planning? More importantly, I want to be sure we cover the standards (like the syllabus, and outcomes, and assignment design) in fresh and innovative ways.

Over the next few days, I plan to blog a bit more about some of these sessions: my questions and my experiences as a faculty member that shape my thinking, of course, but also what I’m reading to begin to answer some of those questions and contextualize/frame them more deeply.

For now, however, here is the schedule:

September 5-6 2013

Clover Park Technical College, McGavick Conference Center

Lead Facilitators:

Jennifer Whetham, Faculty Development (SBCTC) &

Bill Moore, Assessment, Teaching & Learning (SBCTC)

Foundational training for new (and not-so-new) faculty providing

a fresh look at the core concepts critical for effective instructional planning


8:30 Check in and refreshments

9:00 Welcome & Overview: SBCTC – Fostering a Faculty Culture of Pedagogical Innovation

9:45 Unpacking the “A”: Articulating Learning Expectations with Outcomes Assessment

10:30 Break

10:45 Syllabus as Learning Artifact: Rethinking the Contract

11:30 Access for All: Adopting and Adapting Open Education Resources in Your Classroom (with Boyoung Chae, eLearning & Open Education, SBCTC)

12:00 Building a Network Part I: Lunch with colleagues from across the system (seating by discipline/program)

1:00 Creating Connectivity with Canvas: Designing Dynamic Learning Environments (William S. Durden, Clark College)

2:30 Break

3:00 Is this Really What You Wanted? Transforming Assignments into Assessments

4:30 Adjourn

Day 2

8:30 Refreshments

9:00 Legal and Ethical Issues in the Washington State Two Year College System: FERPA, Academic Freedom, Ethics (Derek Edwards, Attorney General’s office)

10:30 Break

10:45 Classroom Management: Preparing for the first day of class, dealing with challenging student situations, and applying simple universal design principles (Al Souma, South Seattle)

12:00 Building a Network Part II: Lunch with your campus colleagues and administrators

1:00 Your Inner Teacher: Cultivating an Authentic Pedagogical Approach

2:30 Closing Comments & Reflections: Next Steps for Your Professional Development

3:00 Adjourn

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