Toward a Larger Vision: 2013-14 Faculty Learning Community Grants

Faculty Learning Communities support collaboration, innovation, lifelong learning and, perhaps most importantly, create time and space apart from a hectic work week, allowing faculty time to reflect on their work and incorporate their learning into their classrooms to improve student learning.”

Jane Lister Reis, North Seattle Community College.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately, a month or so into this new position, is what constitutes a larger vision of faculty development.  Faculty Learning Communities (FLC’s), support three elements of the vision for faculty development created by community and technical college faculty development leaders:

  • Regular opportunities for communication, collaboration, and reflection are provided for all faculty.
  • All faculty belong to one or more learning communities.
  • Learning communities comprise cross-disciplinary, and cross-institution faculty, staff, students, and administrators – all share in the delight of being lifelong learners and teachers.

To build momentum toward achieving these goals, we, the SBCTC faculty development staff, are excited to announce that grants are available (up to $5,000) to  support the development of faculty learning communities.  Grant applications will be accepted beginning today, September 16, through October 2, 2013.


For more information, including the 2013-14 Grant Information, the 2013-14 Fiscal Guidelines, a list of campus Faculty Development Leaders (to contact if you are interested in joining an FLC on your campus), and an article on assessing faculty learning communities, please check out our website for Faculty Learning Communities.

It is important to note that proposals will be accepted only from past FLC grant recipients and/or individuals who have completed the 2013 online FLC training class.   Please contact me, Jennifer Whetham, if you have any questions regarding eligibility.  

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