Flipping the Classroom: A Solution to the STEM Shortage

At the New Faculty Institute in September, a faculty member approached me with a question: she was interested in flipping the classroom, but she was also concerned about the learning curve (especially as she was in the tenure process) that might result from integrating technology in her classroom.  She asked me if I knew any good models that she could use for inspiration.

I wish I had known about this webinar, Solving the STEM Shortage with Flipped Instruction and Dual Enrollment, back then.

Not only will the presenters (Eugene Rutz, Academic Director at the College of Engineering at UC, and Gretchen Kellerstrass, University of Cincinnati first year student in the College of Engineering) discuss the streaming video/flipped classroom strategy they used to deliver high quality instruction to twelve high schools with diverse student populations, they will also

  • Discuss how the program overcame affordability and scalability challenges by leveraging video learning modules created by college professors for anytime, anywhere viewing by high school students.
  • Explain why they’ve achieved success by introducing topics to younger students, in unexpected places and making sure they’re getting quality instruction and college credit for all their hard work.
  • Show how appropriate use of technology can overcome some of the significant barriers to providing dual enrollment courses.
  • Explore why it’s important to incorporate activities that show students how the lessons will apply to their lives and careers.

The webinar is free: I hope you consider signing up!

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