Canvas Offers Grants: Innovation in Education

Canvas is offering $100,000 in grants to help spur innovation in education. The most innovative ideas in specific categories for both Higher Ed and K-12, as judged by a panel of experts, will receive grant money to help get their difference-making ideas off the ground.

The winners will be announced at SXSWedu in March 2014.

For Higher Ed, Canvas is offering five grants of $10K apiece. The categories are below.  If you cannot find a category that fits your idea, Canvas urges you to pick the closest one. They want the best ideas, “whether or not they fit into our tidy little boxes!”

  • Facilitating competency-based learning
  • Engaging students through academic career
  • Blending online and face-to-face courses
  • New models of content and curriculum development and sharing
  • Applying universal design to online learning

The application process, (like the rest of Canvas!), is open.  While they do provide some framework and need some basics from you, they will accept videos, presentations, papers, prototypes, whatever. They just need to get a clear idea of what you’re proposing.   They suggest posting your supporting materials online and sending them the links in the application.

Here is what they need from proposals:

  • Your great big idea (in summary form)
  • How you’ll use the grant money
  • Links to any supporting documentation (video, PPT, documents, prototypes, etc.)
  • The usual personal details (name, role/position, institution, email, etc.)

Submissions open October 14, 2013 and close January 20, 2014.


  • Innovation/Wow Factor/X-factor/Holy Crap! factor (Score 1-5)
  • Potential for practical application (Score 1-5)
  • Adherence to open standards (Score 1-5)
  • Breadth of application or reusability of submission (Score 1-5)
  • Experience/expertise of submitter and/or team (Score 1-5)
  • Fits provided categories (y/n)

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