SBCTC Webinar URL: Building a Common Foundation

Please join us on Thursday, December 5th, from 2PM to 3:30 PM for a webinar: “Building a Common Foundation”: The Process of Creating Transcript Grids for Placement.”

Two experienced GRCC faculty leaders will provide participants with an overview of the process they used to collaborate with high school faculty and create transcript grids that place recent high school graduates using multiple measures, including grades earned in specific courses and overall grade point overage (GPA).  To ensure that this innovation is truly more accurate, GRCC has been tracking the students placed by transcript.  Laura Moore-Mueller, Math faculty, and Marcie Sims, English faculty, will share the highlights of their much-revised process of creating placement grids and share the preliminary data from the Math department.

I hope you will add this Blackboard Collaborate session to your calendar and participate in a lively and informative discussion!

To Join the Session: Please Click Here

First Time Users of Collaborate: Please Click Here

All Users: Please test your login early (the room will be open at 1PM).  Please do not forget to run the audio set up wizard when you login so you can test your audio.  Java just released a new version, so please update your Java before logging in.

Participants new to the issues regarding placement may also be interested in viewing/listening to a previous SBCTC webinar: “Writing Placement: A Tense Interface.”  An experienced writing professor, Wendy Swyt (who also serves as the Arts and Humanities Division Chair) provides a highly interactive and nuanced review of the national conversation around the complexities and complications of writing placement.

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