Shift Forward January 2014: E-Learning for Educators

Are you a teaching professor interested in empowering yourself to make the digital transition?  Would you like to learn more about instructional design, integrating technology, online copyright, information literacy, and media creation?

If so, you might be interested “E-Learning for Educators,” a Continuing Education program offered by Renton Technical College.  In addition to being fully online and designed for audience of community and technical college educators, the end result is a certificate in eLearning design and development.

The program is led by Dr. Liz Falconer, eLearning Director at Renton Technical College, who has designed and taught a highly successful MOOC on hybrid instruction.  Dr. Falconer is a Quality Matters (QM) Master Reviewer, as well as a QM Online Facilitator.  You can read more about her teaching philosophy and experience on her blog, Falconer Cloud.

This is a great opportunity to promote professional development in instructional technology for your faculty, as well as to support the development of quality online and hybrid courses in your institution.

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