Creating Connection Around Capacity: Join Us in Conversation at the Winter College Readiness Retreat

Assessment, Teaching, and Learning SBCTC LogoIn my new position as Program Administrator of Faculty Development at the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC), as I become ever more aware of different kinds of educational reform around college-readiness in the CTC system in Washington state, I grow increasingly interested in creating sustainable strategies for overcoming “pocketification” (aka “silos of innovation”).

Please consider forming a team of faculty who teach Basic Skills or Developmental Math, Reading, and/or Writing: join us for a gathering February 6th and 7th at Rainbow Lodge for a lively and invigorating exploration of connection!

  • What kinds of professional learning spaces we can design–for ourselves and for our colleagues– inside of which we can build relationships and create a state-wide culture of resourcefulness?
  • What kinds of professional learning spaces might we design to engage with the content being created by our peers and the emergent content relevant to our field?

Sean McFarland and Tom DeWit, of Chabot College, will share with us their strategies for community-building through the work of their initiative Acceleration in Context (AIC), with a particular focus on their development and support of a knowledge-sharing network of educators up and down the state of California.

Grounded in seven core principles (beginning with capacity), AIC deepens the relationship between professional development and student success.  At the Winter College Readiness Retreat, we will discuss, in depth, concrete and contextualized applications of the concepts that feel most useful and relevant to pushing forward (accelerating?) the robust and exciting work currently underway in Washington.

We especially encourage teams of participants to engage in this unique opportunity to reboot and rebrand the current College Readiness Network.

Please contact Jennifer Whetham at with any questions!

Join the Conversation!

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