Selected Sloan Workshops Available at No Cost to SBCTC Faculty and Staff!

Sloan CAre you interested in deepening both pedagogical and practitioner aspects of your teaching practice by more effectively integrating technology?  To support our faculty as we make the digital transition, the SBCTC eLearning department pays for a large number of seats in selected workshops offered by the SLOAN Consortium.

The workshops are open to all faculty and staff in the SBCTC system: administrators, staff, full-time, and adjunct faculty.

To get a glimpse of the wide range of offerings left in 2014, please click here.  Topics range from a basic introduction to online education through more advanced topics.

Affectionately referred to as “SLOAN-C,” this institute of individuals, institutions, and organizations is committed to quality online education and was created to provide a place to secure education and professional development about online teaching and learning.

To find out more about the high quality of SLOAN-C offerings, please read “Why SLOAN-C?”

To learn more about the SLOAN workshop model and policies, please click here.

After you have perused the list and identified the professional learning opportunities of interest to you, please contact your eLearning director for information on how to sign up.  For a list of the ELC directors for each campus, please click here.

If you have additional questions, please contact Alissa Sells, program director for eLearning Professional Development, at

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