Pierce Blog Highlights IGNIS Webinar Series!

Pierce Blog Highlights IGNIS Webinar Series!

A big thank you to Pierce College for a lovely write-up of our IGNIS webinar series.  If you don’t follow The Backchannel, the blog hosted by the Pierce College Center for Engagement and Learning, you definitely should!

In addition to a lovely write-up, they indicated this helpful Collaborate Resource from Shoreline Community College.  If you are feeling nervous and/or overwhelmed about using Collaborate, this guide will help you–step by step!

Thank you, Pierce, for helping spread the word about IGNIS!  The word means “spark” or “Ignite” in Latin, and that is exactly what we hope to do as we explore a range of topics related to the LEARN in eLearning.

IGNIS Webinar Next Week: IGNITE eLearning

Join Us in the Webinar Room

next Thursday, March 6th at 2PM

for our 3rd Webinar in the IGNIS series . . .

IGNIS Logo 4

IGNITE! eLearning

Best Practices (and Experiments) in eLearning


Liz Falconer, eLearning, RTC

“Collaborations: (Easily) Creating Community Learning”

Zach Hudson, Reading and Writing, Mount Hood Community College

“Information for Everyone: Using DL Tools in the F2F Classroom”

Rosemary Reigle, English, Centralia

“Singing in the Rain: Socializing Online Learners with Digital Technology”

IGNIS Webinar Recording: Beyond Cutting and Pasting

IGNIS - Beyond Cutting & Pasting PromoSBCTC eLearning and ATL wish to thank you for joining us for our  second IGNIS webinar!

Beyond Cutting and Pasting

Teaching Research Skills for the 21st Century

We were pleased at another strong turn out and more excellent presentations from our talented faculty.  If you were unable to join us, please check out the webinar recording:

View the Blackboard Collaborate recording

If you attended (or if you view) the webinar, we’d also value your feedback!

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Give Your Feedback on the DRAFT Recommendations for Smarter Balanced 11th Grade Assessment

Please read and provide feedback (see below for two ways to do so) on the DRAFT recommendations for use of the Smarter Balanced 11th Grade Assessment.

A cross-sector work group representing a variety of key education stakeholder groups convened in early November to draft system recommendations regarding the use of the Smarter Balanced 11th grade assessment as an indicator of college readiness in the placement process for post-secondary institutions in Washington.  Although the Smarter Balanced 11th grade assessment is NOT a placement test, these recommendations are intended to be incorporated into the ongoing system-wide efforts to provide students with multiple/alternative measures for placement.

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A New Edition of Legislative News!

A new edition of Legislative News has been posted…

This week legislators marked the session halfway point with plenty of action on bills impacting community and technical colleges. In addition, CTCs presented before legislative committees on a variety of issues and continued to be part of discussions with lawmakers in Olympia.

Read the full blog post.

Pew Research Center: Economic Disparities and the Increased Value of Post-secondary Education

A new report from the Pew Research Center summarizes public views and student attitudes on the value of a college degree and examines both the individual and societal benefits of postsecondary education. Based on Pew surveys and analysis of U.S. Census data, “The Rising Cost of Not Going to College” argues that college graduates outperform their peers with less education in nearly every measure of career attainment and economic well-being. However, the report also finds that just going to college isn`t always enough – a student`s chosen field of study plays a major role in future earnings and job satisfaction. Additionally, while the value of a postsecondary degree is at a record high, the value of a high school diploma has declined to such an extent that earnings for students born after 1980 have remained surprisingly stagnant.

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FREE Webinar: 10 Tips to Light Your Webcast Like a Pro

Register Now for this FREE live webinar hosted by Sonic Foundry, Tuesday, February 25, from 2:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. Central (convert to your time zone).

Here’s the ugly truth: There’s too much bad lighting in webcasts. We’ve all seen it. Florescent lights used with reckless abandon; washed out video with no depth; grainy blobs trying to teach us something with bags under their eyes and shadows darting across their faces.  Bad lighting can single-handedly suck the life out of an otherwise-awesome presentation.  Good lighting takes a little bit of know-how.

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