IGNIS Webinar Series: Flipping the Classroom


eLearning and ATL are proud to announce the first webinar in our brand new IGNIS series! 

Thursday, February 6thTurn it Upside Down

2PM to 3PM

Integrating Technology Successfully to Create Truly Collaborative and Active Learning in the Flipped Classroom 


Stephanie Diemel, Shoreline, Engineering Physics, Shoreline

Rhonda Meyers, Anatomy and Physiology/Biology, Lower Columbia

Lucas Myers, Biology Faculty, Lower Columbia

Join the Webinar

First Time Users of Collaborate: Please Click Here

All Users: Please test your login early (the room will be open at 1:30 PM for this purpose).  Don’t forget to run the audio set up wizard when you login so you can test your audio.  Java just released a new version, so please update your Java before logging in.

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