IGNIS Webinar Recording: Turn it Upside Down

IGNIS Reminder Email

SBCTC eLearning and ATL wish to thank you for joining us for our  inaugural IGNIS webinar!

Turn it Upside Down

Integrating Technology to Create Truly Collaborative & Active Learning in the Flipped Classroom

We had a great turn out (almost 60 people!), a lively discussion, and our presenters were, of course, fabulous.  For those of you that may have missed our debut, please check out the webinar recording:

Click Here to View the Recording

Coming Soon: As the very beginning of the webinar cuts in and out a few times, we will be providing the introductory text and accompanying PowerPoint on the SBCTC website.  Keep checking the blog for updates!

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4 thoughts on “IGNIS Webinar Recording: Turn it Upside Down

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