2014 Educational Attainment for All Diversity Conference

WSACPlease join us for the first annual Educational Attainment for All diversity conference!

Washington state is committed to diversity and the educational attainment of underrepresented students.  We recognize not only the importance of academic performance and excellence, but also the consideration of other factors that impact educational opportunity and success for first-generation, low-income, and historically underrepresented groups.

Visit the Conference Webpage to Learn More and to Register!

 The Educational Attainment for All diversity conference will take a holistic look across sectors and grade levels at ways of improving post-secondary access and success for underrepresented groups.  During the conference, we will

  • Reflect on effective practices and ways to make our efforts stronger and more sustainable.
  • Discuss demographic data and recent legislation related to educational opportunity and diversity.
  • Consider opportunities for statewide collaboration across sectors to identify strategic priorities, share best practices, and advocate for the support of strong, sustainable programs and practices that ultimately improve outcomes for our students of color.

The purpose of the conference is to develop an inclusive platform for P-20 educators, administrators and community leaders to share effective practices, identify strategic priorities, and establish an ongoing cross-sector network emphasizing diversity efforts that lead to educational equity and attainment for all.

Invited Participants:

  • P-12 and postsecondary educators, counselors, student outreach and support services personnel, and administrative leaders;
  • people working in tribal and state agencies, offices, committees, and ethnic commissions; and
  • people working in nonprofit organizations, coalitions, and federations to promote educational attainment for under-served groups.

Benefits of Participating:

  • Feel informed about the state of diversity and future projections.
  • Take away ideas and techniques to increase the number of students from diverse backgrounds prepared to enter and succeed in college.
  • Identify priorities and next steps (including actions and research) to address challenges.
  • Receive updates about key legislative priorities affecting education.
  • Have a voice in establishing an initial community or network of people working across sectors to improve educational attainment by broadening the participation and enhancing the success of historically underrepresented groups. The network’s relationship with the Council will help its voice be heard. The network will be guided by a cross-sector workgroup that will provide leadership and call on various constituents and contacts as needed to “push the agenda” in improving educational attainment for underrepresented groups. This network will have “a voice” linked to the Washington Student Achievement Council and state government.

For additional information, please contact Cristina Gaeta (cristinag@wsac.wa.gov) or Mark Bergeson (markb@wsac.wa.gov)

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