HB 1079 Summit: A Decade of Dreaming

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for the HB 1079 Summit: A Decade of Dreaming

HB 1079 Summit


In 2003, the Washington State Legislature approved House Bill 1079, a bill that enables certain undocumented students (hereafter, 1079 students) to pay resident tuition at Washington colleges and universities.

As a result of a grant received from the College Spark Washington Foundation, the Washington State Educational Access Coalition for HB 1079 Students was formed in 2011. The Coalition’s ultimate goal is to help 1079 students to access and complete higher education.

To this end, the Coalition will sponsor an HB 1079 Summit on June 20, 2014 that is intended to:

  • share research findings, recommendations, and resources based on the Coalition’s work in the past 2-3 years that can help institutions, individuals and organizations to assist 1079 students;
  • promote best practices that K-12 and higher education institutions can utilize to better serve 1079 students;
  • share experience of practitioners and advocates who regularly serve 1079 students;
  • propose policies that the state Legislature should enact to continue to help 1079 students graduate from colleges and universities and, thereby, be in a better position to be contributing members of our state and nation.

Who Should Attend?

  • 2-year & 4-year institutions
  • Student Services/Affairs Administrators & Staff
  • Outreach & Recruitment Staff
  • Admissions Directors & Staff
  • Financial Aid Directors & Staff
  • College Registrars
  • Faculty Administrators & Staff
  • Policy Makers
  • Community Leader

Summit Will Include:

  1. Coalition Research Findings
  2. How-To Workshops
  3. Expert Panels: Hear from current policy makers and HB1079 students.
  4. Group discussions: connect with other professionals, allies and advocates for HB 1079 Students

Registration Cost Includes:

  • Lunch
  • Resources & Materials
  • Provide/share resources and materials produced by the Coalition: website, resource book, brochure, flyer, “WE SHARE THE DREAM” badge , power point presentations, scenarios activities

Early Bird Registration is $50.00.

Summit Registration is $75.00 after April 15, 2014

Questions?  Contact Cristina Gaeta at cristinag@wsac.wa.gov

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