Placement as Conversation, Communication, and Education: Moving Towards Multiple Measures

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The 2014 Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Conference is fast approaching!

April 30th-May 2.

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Interested in Placement and Multiple Measures?  Consider Pre-Conference Workshop Number 2:

Placement as Conversation, Communication, and Education: Moving Towards Multiple Measures

Facilitators: Wendy Swyt and Shannon Waits, Highline Community College

Description: Given that the current use of placement tests (COMPASS, Accuplacer, etc.) privileges equality over equity, how can we make placement educational rather than a barrier to achievement? We will use local and national data to correlate placement outcomes with student progress and completion.

This workshop will ask participants to examine what their current placement policies and practices communicate to students. College ready or not? Strengths or deficits?

The placement process is the beginning of the education pathway for students; we have an opportunity to positively impact this critical access point. As an alternative to traditional placement methods, we will investigate other options to measure students’ skill. Participants will leave with the tools to address and improve placement and assessment measures with all stakeholders at their college.

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