Risk and Renewal: Finding the Courage to Teach

Sally Heilstedt

If you have read Parker Palmer’s book The Courage to Teach (and even if you have not!), you might be interested in attending pre-conference workshop number 1 at the 2014 Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Conference.

Risk and Renewal: Finding the Courage to Teach

Facilitator: Sally Heildstedt, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Description: Each day we invest a substantial part of ourselves in the students with whom we interact. Supporting learning and development, while immensely fulfilling, can also be exhausting. It is easy to feel stretched thin, burned out, jaded. Using key insights from Parker Palmer’s The Courage to Teach, participants in this workshop will seek to meet his challenge: “If we want to grow as teachers, we must do something alien to academic culture: we must talk to each other about our inner lives – risky stuff in a profession that fears the personal and seeks safety in the technical, the distant, the abstract.” Join with a community of your peers to experience together a renewed passion for the good work we do.

For more information, including

please visit the ATL conference website, or contact Jennifer Whetham @jwhetham@sbctc.edu with questions.

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