Fall Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Retreat: Register Now!

If you have a role in designing, planning, delivering, implementing professional learning for faculty on your campus . . .  if you touch professional development in any way . . . please consider attending both the Fall and Winter Assessment, Teaching, and Learning (ATL) retreats this year!

October 29th-30th, 2015
February 25th-26th, 2016

This year, both our Fall and Winter ATL retreats will center around convening professional developers from across the system of our 34 community and technical colleges.

As program administrator of Faculty Development, of my goals for the year is to bolster the largely informal professional development infrastructure across the CTC system.  Currently, professional development “lives” in many places in our institutions (eLearning, a formal Teaching and Learning Center, faculty committees, etc.)  In order to more effectively leverage its current diversity, we need to see and map where professional development “lives” on each campus.  Once we see, visually, the ecosystem of professional learning, we can begin to

  • align professional development opportunities
  • eliminate redundancies
  • identify regional and system-wide problems
  • crowd-source solutions
  • spread innovations
  • create a networked improvement community (NIC).

Let’s explore how to use improvement science to forge a “process of disciplined inquiry combined with the use of networks to identify, adapt, and successfully scale up promising” innovations in faculty professional development.

Questions about the retreat content and/or suggestions: Jennifer Whetham (jwhetham@sbctc.edu)

Questions about registration: Jackie Eppler-Clark (jeclark@sbctc.edu)

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