Free Webinar: Faculty Perspectives on Cultures of Assessment

AALHE is hosting a free webinar
Faculty Perspectives on Cultures of Assessment
Friday Oct 16, 2015 1:00 PM EDT
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Through books, articles, and presentations, assessment scholars have advocated specific practices to gain faculty support and “buy in” for assessment. Tying assessment practices to tenure and promotions policies, engaging faculty in early and frequent dialogue, and developing assessments that are associated with what faculty value are a few examples of recommended efforts. However, very few studies have actually asked faculty what they believe about assessment and fundamental perspectives on their institution’s culture of assessment.

The Faculty Survey of Assessment Culture is a nation-wide, annual survey of faculty members’ perspectives on their institution’s cultures of assessment. The instrument is meant to explore the extent to which institutions exhibit elements of culture of compliance, fear, or generative support for assessment in faculty members’ perspectives.  Much has been learned about faculty perceptions and, through a parallel study of administrators, similarities and differences between administrators and faculty have been identified.

Join presenter Matthew Fuller of Sam Houston State University to learn more about the higher-order factors of a culture of assessment, leadership strategies for assessment that have been identified and measured through this five year research effort.

The survey identifies several factors

  • Faculty perceptions
  • Use of Data
  • Sharing Data
  • Compliance or Fear Factors
  • Normative Purposes of Assessment

Questions? Contact Catherine M. Wehlburg, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness at Texas Christian University, President-Elect, AALHE

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