SBCTC 2017 IGNIS Webinar Series – Campus Accessibility through Collaboration: A CISS/DSS Perspective

The 2017 IGNIS webinar series continues on Global Accessibility Awareness day!

 Join Us in Collaborate

Thursday, May 18th from 2 – 3 PM


Campus Accessibility through Collaboration: A CISS/DSS Perspective

IGNIS 2017 Intro - Alyssa Jones and Bill Hartman 051817

To view this season’s webinar line-up and descriptions, simply hover over the SBCTC IGNIS WEBINAR SERIES menu item on this site and select 2017 IGNIS WEBINAR SERIES SCHEDULE from the drop down menu.

Please share this webinar invitation with anyone that may be interested.  All IGNIS webinars will be hosted in Bb Collaborate and will be live captioned.  The webinars will be recorded and the links will be posted to the ATL blog after each webinar. 

There is no need to register or sign-up.  Just click the orange “Join Us in Collaborate” link above or below to join the webinar at the designated time.  The IGNIS Collaborate room is open 24/7 so you are welcome to test your connection anytime.  Please sign in early to avoid technical issues.  Hope to see you there! 

Join Us in Collaborate

– OR –

Call in to participate by phone at 571-392-7703 and enter PIN# 247 254 022 975

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