Smarter Balanced Placement Agreement for Math: An Interactive Webinar

You are invited to join Bill Moore and Anton Jackson, Director for Student Assessment at the Office for Superintendent of Public Instruction, for a virtual meeting!

When: February 27th from 3 to 4:30
To Join:

  • Provide an overview of the recommended changes in the system-wide Smarter Balanced placement agreement for math,
  • Clarify the specific implications of the proposal,
  • Answer any questions people have about the language.

Anton Jackson will provide a technical perspective on the specifics of the high school assessment.

If you’re interested in these issues please join!

Sharing is Caring: This invitation is meant to be spread as widely as you’d like with colleagues who would like to provide some feedback!

To Prepare for the Meeting: Here’s a reminder about what’s involved and some updated information for you to review prior to the webinar session:

  1. The 2017 Legislature passed a law making significant changes to the K-12 assessment requirement, including shifting the timing of the high school assessment from the 11th grade to the 10th grade (that shift had been in place for 2 years with the English assessment but NOT for math). This shift means we need to revisit our placement agreements, so a work group met in December to recommend changes in the language in order to maintain the agreement.
  2. We’ve been seeking feedback on the recommendations before taking them to our system leadership for final approval; here’s a link to the document with the proposed changes for math. (In addition to the recommendations the document includes a bit more background to the new law as well as a link to a  Google form for providing feedback)
  3. To allow more time for feedback and system discussion we have pushed the decision schedule from the winter meetings to the spring; the plan is to take the final proposed changes in the agreement language to the Instruction Commission during their spring quarter (May 17-18) meeting.
  4. To provide more detailed background information about the assessment itself (what the levels mean; definitions of scale scores and threshold achievement descriptors, etc.), see this page on the Smarter Balanced web site.
  5. OSPI has produced new information and guidance about the changes in the math assessment since we drafted the recommendations and posted our initial requests for feedback. The materials are at the “Grade 10…” links on this web page and are very useful in understanding specifically how the math assessment is changing as it moves from the 11th grade to the 10th


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