Critical Moments, Program Assessment, Growth Mindset, and Self-Care

A much-loved tradition at the annual spring ATL is a carefully curated and vetted selection of pre-conference workshops.

The 2018 ATL Conference boasts a particularly exciting line-up of topics!

  • Critical Moments: A case study approach to creating equitable institutions
  • Program Assessment: Revisit this perennial issue in the new key of a guided pathways approach
  • Growth Mindset: Create an environment of possibility, rather than limitations
  • Self-Care: Nurture resilience and avoid burn-out with research-based practices

We choose subject matter experts with proven success facilitating adult learning.

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Participant Love
Here are just a few of the many glowing reviews from last year’s workshops!

  • “Engaging, informed, intelligent, made me really think.”
  • “I loved the organization, the sequence of topics, the way immersion activity was structured, the quality of handouts, the various video clips. All in service & a really thoughtful set of ideas.”
  • “Liked multiple speakers, use of technology, engaging with table peers.”

Please contact Jen Whetham ( or Jackie Eppler-Clark (

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