3rd Annual Mentoring Conference at EvCC!

The 3rd Annual Mentoring Conference at Everett Community College is just over a month away! Registration is open (early bird registration is available till March 15!!) and they have just released the list of presenters and presentation titles.

  • Mentoring Across Divides: Building Relationships with Marginalized Students – Jacob Nanfito, Seattle Goodwill
  • Kick Start Your Mentoring Relationship – Karen Landry & Sharon Lewis, Everett Community College
  • Facilitating Mentor-Mentee Relationships – Sally Heath, Canada College
  • Our First Year As Faculty Mentors – Peg Balachowski, Debe Franz & Michael Chaplin, Everett Community College
  • Empowering Students – Andrea Levy, Seattle Colleges
  • Evaluating the Persistence of College Students on Academic Probation – Maria Paula McPherson & Cesar Rangel, Bellevue College
  • Men of Color Mentoring Program – James Ramirez, Everett Community College
  • The 4 Connections: Building Relationships that Empower & Renew – Rhonda DeWitt & Elisa Parrett, Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  • New Faculty Mentoring: Lessons Learned – Kay Lynn Stevens, Merrianne Bieler, Mike Reynolds, Terry Rueckert & Wilikinia Vasquez, Columbia Basin College
  • Mentoring with Marshmallows – Jeanne Leader, Everett Community College
  • How to Start a Movement with Peer Mentoring – Melissa Wechter, Laura Nelson & Rush Duncan, Bellingham Technical College
  • Ala Carte Mentoring: Ask-a-Student! – Connie Pittman & Wendy Derain, Spokane Falls Community College
  • Planning a Peer Mentoring Program for New Educators – Stan Goto, Cynthia Beatty & Jo Ann Arinder, Western Washington University
  • Intrusive Mentoring – Debbie Newbury, Dale Galloway & Laura Little, Everett Community College
  • Starting a Mentoring Program: Is it worth it? – Jill Merritt, Tacoma Community College
  • The Empowerment Equation for Mentors – Mary Butcher, Seth Deister & Erica SwensonGreen River Community College
  • Wisdom Sharing – a Cross-Generational Mentoring Model. (If we build it, will you come?)- Karen Crowley & Kathy Coffey, Leadership Snohomish County

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