ATL Conference Plenary Session II: Transparency in Teaching and Learning

Join us for “Transparency in Teaching and Learning” at the 2018 ATL Conference!

Friday, May 4th, 2018
8:30 AM to 10:00 AM
Vancouver Hilton

Today’s students are more diverse in all kinds of ways that matter in teaching and learning.  Their diversity brings assets to our classrooms, certainly–different life experiences and interests, and different talents.  But as we know all too well, it can also contribute to troubling gaps in achievement, with students who have not been well served by higher education falling further behind at alarming levels.

In this plenary session, we will explore the power of the Transparency Framework to promote more equitable student success through the development of a shared language for communicating with students and one another about pedagogical purposes, tasks, and criteria for evaluation.

Employing the principles of transparency also opens up possibilities for pedagogical innovation and inquiry in a lively “teaching commons” where educators can work together to trade ideas and build knowledge for more effective and engaging practice.

The goal of the session is to provide you with evidence and examples of a transparent, scholarly approach to teaching and learning.



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