An Assessment Confession

Two recent publications on assessment have greatly distressed me.  The first is “An Insider’s Take on Assessment: It May Be Worse than You Thought,” and the second is “The Misguided Drive to Measure Learning Outcomes.”

Rather than me writing a diatribe in response that no one will read, I want to provide our system with the opportunity to engage in a true dialogue (not just shouting arguments at each other) about assessment.  My goal is not to be proved right, but that we engage in the kind of professional learning opportunities that lead us to the kind of transformative change our students (and our practitioners!) deserve.

Furthermore, my assessment literacy is still very much in development.  Therefore, I asked Pat Hutchings, Senior Scholar at NILOA (who is cited in the second article), and arguably the foremost mind in the nation on assessment, to facilitate a very special concurrent session on assessment at the upcoming 2018 ATL Conference.

As Pat has worked with many of our colleges at Using Evidence for Improvement as resource faculty (and she attended several sessions at last year’s ATL to ensure her plenary session was responsive to what is actually happening in our state), this session is custom designed for our individual and collective context.

This unique opportunity will offer participants an opportunity examine an emergent model—an “assessment reboot”—that can help make assessment a valuable part of the regular work of teaching and learning rather than an add-on.

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