SBCTC spring learning opportunities are in full bloom!

daisyThe Office of eLearning & Open Education at the Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges offers free, high-quality professional learning opportunities to system faculty and staff year-round.  Our spring courses are in full bloom, so hurry and get registered … May classes begin on Monday, May 7th!

Upcoming Professional Learning Opportunities:

  • Accessibility 101
    • May 7th  … registration is open
  • How to Use Open Educational Resources (OER)
    • May 7th  … registration is open
  • Intro to the Canvas Learning Management System
    • May 7th  … registration is open
    • July 9th  … registration is open
    • August 6th  … registration is open
  • Quality Matters – Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR)
    • July 12th  … registration is open
    • August 10th … registration is open
  • Quality Matters – Improving your Online Course (IYOC)
    • May 11th  … registration is open
    • July 12th  … registration is open
    • August 10th … registration is open

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Our classes are in high demand and fill quickly, so don’t delay!!!

Supporting Staff: A Placement Assessment Issues Meeting

Burning Question
How do we help placement assessment staff in our Washington State CTC system—and other staff interested in or affected by these issues—connect with each on a regular basis in order to share ideas and address common challenges?

Online Conversation Opportunity
Join Kathryn Held, Tacoma; Sandra Bolt, South Seattle; and Bill Moore, SBCTC
April 19th, 3 to 4:30 pm
How to Join:

Topics Covered

  1. Smarter Balanced placement agreement changes, process, implications for multiple measures and better connection between K-12 and college as colleges are beginning to incorporate K-12 documents for college placement (transcripts, GPA, SB scores)
  2. Organizational issues for a “placement/testing” group: if we have an ongoing group what do people want/need from it; how frequent would the meetings be; next steps, etc.

Questions?  Contact Bill Moore at

Dr. Sachi Horback Awarded the Bernice Joseph Award for 2018!

Dr. Sachi Horback and the Faculty of Color Mentorship Program have been chosen by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) Alliance out of two-year college submissions to the Academic Leaders Toolkit to receive the Bernice Joseph Award for 2018.

The award is named in honor of the late Bernice Joseph, who was a “founding member of the Alliance and former Vice Chancellor for Rural, Community, and Native Education at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.”

Sachi will be presented the award at the upcoming Alliance Annual Meeting held at the Motif Seattle during the Awards Luncheon on April 19th at 12:15. For those of you attending please take note. For more information regarding the Alliance meeting, go to

Sachi, congratulations for all your hard work implementing this invaluable and exemplary program, and for the support it provides faculty of color in our community and technical college system!

P.S.– A more official press release will go out after the award is presented on the 19th so stay tuned!

Work on Your Thorny Institutional Problem

I really love, admire, read, and re-read Estela Mara Bensimon’s landmark article on closing equity gaps.

In the first part of this essay, Bensimon argues we must move away from looking at equity gaps as student learning problems and instead view them as organizational learning problems. To do this, schools must make disaggregating data an institutional practice, which renders what was “previously invisible” visible. And then, the institution, and its practitioners, must “discuss the undiscussable.”

This is rigorous work, this is hard work, and it is a social justice imperative we grow highly skilled at these kinds of core foundational moves.

From the application to the final celebration (Hint: haikus and hilarity!), both these Institutes will support your cross-functional team in a full process that begins with identifying an organizational learning problem and ends in a two year plan.

Plenary and concurrent sessions are tailored to the unique and specific problem your school plans to address; you’ll have opportunity for peer and collaborative mentoring from other two and four year colleges . . . and best of all, national experts will give you customized feedback to ensure your resulting plan is both visionary and actionable.

WASHINGTON CENTER for Undergraduate Education
2018 Summer Institutes
Reviewing Applications NOW through April 15, 2018

National Summer Institute on Learning Communities
July 9-12, 2018

Using Evidence for Improvement: Teaching & Learning National Institute
July 29–Aug 1, 2018

Compassion Fatigue? Or Compassion Satisfaction? Improve Your Professional Quality of Life with HeartMath

Do you suffer from compassion fatigue?  From burnout?
Do you yearn for compassion satisfaction?
What is your current assessment of your professional quality of life?
Do you have self-care practices that enable you to work with people experiencing trauma in sustainable ways?

A few weeks ago, a colleague in our system on the student services of the house contacted me to ask for my feedback as she revised a F2F session she had facilitated on self-care into a webinar. As we went through her slide deck, she defined “Compassion Fatigue” a term I have heard before, have experienced before, and witness in the stories I hear from practitioners in our system.

I had not, however, heard, or even imagined, the opposite end of the spectrum— “Compassion Satisfaction.”

I found myself then trying to imagine in to exactly what “Compassion Satisfaction” might look like.  And then . . . how does one achieve or get to this state?

I’ve learned over time if I am patient in my inquiry, the answers will appear.

So at the winter ATL retreat, when Sally Heilstedt, amazing dean at LWIT, told me about HeartMath, I heard a very clear answer.  Sally is the one who brought the Odessa notion of “The 4 Commitments” to LWIT (and thus to our system) and revised it/imagined it/breathed new life into as “The 4 Connections.”

So when Sally tells me about professional learning she believes is transformative for individuals and institutions, I pay attention.

LWIT faculty member, Mihaela Cosma, is a certified HeartMath Trainer; she will guide participants through the core practices of HeartMath at the upcoming Spring ATL Retreat.

Tuesday, May 1st to Wednesday May 2nd, 2018
Clark College, Vancouver, WA

If you are looking to deepen your capacity to serve while avoiding (or healing from) compassion fatigue and burnout . . . consider attending the spring retreat to experience HeartMath.

Draft Agenda:

PS—If you’d like to assess your professional quality of life, this quiz will help you assess your level of compassion fatigue, as well as your compassion satisfaction.  No matter what your result, the website has TONS of free resources.

PPS—If you want to know more about HeartMath practices, and you can’t come to the retreat, you can read more in this book.

flames on a black background reading IGNIS - imagination, genius, new understanding, innovation, shared knowledge

Join Us in WebEx
Meeting Password: ignis
Thursday, April 12th from 2 – 3 PM
Managing Difficult Conversations in the Online Classroom
Stephanie Delaney
Dean of Academic Programs
South Seattle College

All are welcome to attend! Please share this webinar invitation with anyone & everyone that may be interested, inside or outside of Washington.  The IGNIS webinars will be hosted in WebEx and will be live captioned.  The webinars will also be recorded and the links will be posted to the ATL blog following each webinar.

There is no need to register or sign-up.  Just click the “Join Us in WebEx” link above or below to join the webinar at the designated time.  Please sign in early to avoid technical issues.  Not sure if your computer meets the technical requirements, use this link to run a test meeting.

Join Us in WebEx
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Call in to participate by phone at 1 (415) 655-0002 (US Toll) and enter Access Code 927 013 941 #

Please visit the IGNIS menu on the ATL blog for the complete 2018 IGNIS webinar schedule.