Work on Your Thorny Institutional Problem

I really love, admire, read, and re-read Estela Mara Bensimon’s landmark article on closing equity gaps.

In the first part of this essay, Bensimon argues we must move away from looking at equity gaps as student learning problems and instead view them as organizational learning problems. To do this, schools must make disaggregating data an institutional practice, which renders what was “previously invisible” visible. And then, the institution, and its practitioners, must “discuss the undiscussable.”

This is rigorous work, this is hard work, and it is a social justice imperative we grow highly skilled at these kinds of core foundational moves.

From the application to the final celebration (Hint: haikus and hilarity!), both these Institutes will support your cross-functional team in a full process that begins with identifying an organizational learning problem and ends in a two year plan.

Plenary and concurrent sessions are tailored to the unique and specific problem your school plans to address; you’ll have opportunity for peer and collaborative mentoring from other two and four year colleges . . . and best of all, national experts will give you customized feedback to ensure your resulting plan is both visionary and actionable.

WASHINGTON CENTER for Undergraduate Education
2018 Summer Institutes
Reviewing Applications NOW through April 15, 2018

National Summer Institute on Learning Communities
July 9-12, 2018

Using Evidence for Improvement: Teaching & Learning National Institute
July 29–Aug 1, 2018

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