Supporting Staff: A Placement Assessment Issues Meeting

Burning Question
How do we help placement assessment staff in our Washington State CTC system—and other staff interested in or affected by these issues—connect with each on a regular basis in order to share ideas and address common challenges?

Online Conversation Opportunity
Join Kathryn Held, Tacoma; Sandra Bolt, South Seattle; and Bill Moore, SBCTC
April 19th, 3 to 4:30 pm
How to Join:

Topics Covered

  1. Smarter Balanced placement agreement changes, process, implications for multiple measures and better connection between K-12 and college as colleges are beginning to incorporate K-12 documents for college placement (transcripts, GPA, SB scores)
  2. Organizational issues for a “placement/testing” group: if we have an ongoing group what do people want/need from it; how frequent would the meetings be; next steps, etc.

Questions?  Contact Bill Moore at

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