Research Publications that Will be of INTEREST to YOU!

The SBCTC research department has produced some new research publications which are available on the website at the following links. Thank you to Devin Dupree and David Prince for the great work!

Role of Transfer: Class of 2016

The Role of Transfer study is an update to three previous studies on the graduating classes of 2001, 2006 and 2011. The report focuses exclusively on Washington’s public baccalaureate graduates including Community and Technical College applied bachelor’s degree programs.

Role of Psychology 100

The focus of this paper is a course that may be helpful to consider for its overall role in guiding students to degree completion: Introductory Psychology or Psychology 100. Our reason for focusing on Introductory Psychology is its commonality in both the Associate of Arts Direct Transfer Agreement (AA-DTA) degree and the Associate of Nursing Degree (ADN). The former is the largest degree that colleges award. The latter is the largest professional technical degree awarded and the third largest degree awarded overall.

First Year English: Key Data Points

Several researchers and national organizations have identified completion of first year English and math as key strategies for increasing college student success. This research brief provides a summary of key data points and poses lingering questions related to first year English in the Washington Community and Technical College system.

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