Jennifer Locke WhethamI have been teaching my entire life: I started in the swimming pools of West Seattle teaching kids to blow bubbles in the water and make pointy toes whilst they kicked.

In my early twenties, freshly graduated from The College of Saint Benedict, I found myself teaching composition: as a grad student at Western Washington University, I had 26 first year writers of my very own to experiment upon.  After graduation, I spent two years as a “Freeway flyer,” teaching all kinds of writing classes between South Seattle Community College, Highline, Green River, and Bellevue.  In 2003, I accepted a full-time, tenure-track position at Green River, and I spent the next seven years teaching literature, planning events for students, developing curriculum, supporting learning communities, and a host of other activities as part of that community.

In 2010 I left for London to write The Great American Novel About England (specifically Shakespeare).  Nothing went as planned, and I learned a lot about writing, Shakespeare, London, and the beauty of mistakes and failures.  All I could think about was how much more effective I would be as a teacher.  I had an opportunity to return to teaching through Clark College, and I threw myself back into teaching for the next two years.

May of 2013, my dream job opened up: Program Administrator for Faculty Development.  In this role, my classroom is much bigger–  I have the opportunity to be continually in conversation with other teachers about assessment, learning, and teaching.  From leading state-wide convenings (like the New Faculty Institute and the spring Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Conference) to individual faculty-to-faculty coaching, I support the faculty of the two year and technical colleges in Washington State in a range of ways.

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