#NFI: Links to Materials

Participants Discuss Teaching We have now updated the SBCTC page for the New Faculty Institute.

When you visit the site, you can find links to specific handouts, PowerPoint Presentations, Prezi Presentations, and more.

Over the next few days, Jen will be posting more summaries of specific sessions, complete with pictures and links.

She posted the first one, a description of “Creating Connectivity with Canvas,” led by William S. Durden of Clark College, yesterday.  Feel free to comment with your insights and experiences!

Canvas Connect: Highlights from the New Faculty Institute

Professor William S. Durden, of Clark College, leads the faculty in a session on using Canvas to Create Connectivity.

Professor William S. Durden, of Clark College, leads the faculty in a session on using Canvas to Create Connectivity.

One of the stand-out sessions from this year’s New Faculty Institute was the presentation on the new technology of Canvas by WIlliam S. Durden.   Titled “Creating Connectivity with Canvas: Designing Active Learning Environments,” this presentation covered specific Canvas tools that promote Connectivity, Alignment, and “Flipping” the Classroom.

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First Day Jitters: My First Day of The First Day of My First NFI

Keep Calm and Pretend This is on the Lesson PlanYesterday, when I woke up, the first thing I did was check Facebook. Yes, that is what I do most work mornings (instead of doing my Morning Pages, as Julia Cameron suggests in The Artist’s Way. That’s probably why my novel remains unwritten– my creepy lurking into other people’s lives rather than creating them for my characters. Anyhoo . . .)

My many friends were posting pictures of their kids on their first day of school.

I love this day, every year– it always makes me realize, anew, what an enormous enterprise this whole education thing is. Buses. Backpacks. New shoes and shiny scrubbed faces, hair slicked back and neat.

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#ISaidYes: Tweeting the Conference

Twitter ImageLet me start with this: I have never been a Twitter fan.

The Back Story

First, there’s the 140 character limit: who can express a complex thought in so few words? Well, Orwell, I guess, for one . . . or Hemingway . . . but I’ve always been an external processor.

Facebook is more my style, where one can write half the length of a Hemingway novel in one status update (no joke– the maximum FB post is 63, 206 characters). That is 451.5 full Tweets.

And Facebook, perhaps because it was originally grounded in F2F relationships, seemed safer– more intimate– less overwhelming. Twitter, because it is more public, seemed dangerous (the way MySpace eventually became for me)– there was nothing to hold users accountable for their online, asynchronous actions.

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SBCTC New Faculty Institute Coming Up!

NFI GraphicHere in the Assessment, Teaching, and Learning department of the Education division of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, we are gearing up for our annual New Faculty Institute. Yesterday, our Instructional Services Specialist told us that we have 160 attendees– double our numbers from the last few years!

As the newly-hired Program Administrator for Faculty Development, organizing this convening is one of my primary responsibilities, and I am excited about the opportunity. I have been visioning and re-visioning the conference theme and agenda– not just the session content, but also their over-arching sequence and alignment.

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