A New Edition of Legislative News!

A new edition of Legislative News has been posted…

This week legislators marked the session halfway point with plenty of action on bills impacting community and technical colleges. In addition, CTCs presented before legislative committees on a variety of issues and continued to be part of discussions with lawmakers in Olympia.

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What’s Happening in the Washington State Legislature?

With the Feb. 7 cutoff date fast approaching, legislative committees are scheduling, hearing, and passing a number of higher education bills. Legislative proposals impacting CTCs range from financial aid, precollege initiatives, budget transparency, workforce training, and college efficiencies . . .

 You can read all about it in SBCTC Legislative News.  Read the full blog post.

Do You Read the SBCTC Blog Legislative News?

Do You Read the SBCTC Blog Legislative News?

Would you like to know more about what is happening during the Washington Legislative session that involves higher education?  If so, check out Legislative News!

Legislative News is published weekly during the legislative session and highlights issues impacting the two-year college system.

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Legislature must follow WSAC education “Roadmap”

Legislature must follow WSAC education “Roadmap”

Please take a few moments to read this article posted in The Olympian about the Council’s work the Roadmap.

Here’s an excerpt that may intrigue you: “For too long, the state’s education system has operated without long-term, integrated planning. Recent attempts at piece-meal education reforms — some of them cookie-cutter bills copied from national reform organizations — have perpetuated our fragmented and siloed approach to student learning.”

#WaLeg: House Bill 2626

As we know, the Washington State Legislature is now in session.  You can follow the highlights from a variety of perspectives on Twitter using #WaLeg.

On bill of particular issue of interest to faculty is described below by Noreen Light, Associate Director of Academic Affairs and Policy at the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC).

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