Faculty Learning Community (FLC) Grants are now OPEN!

SBCTC Assessment, Teaching, and Learning (ATL) and eLearning and Open Education announce that the Faculty Learning Community (FLC) Grants are now OPEN!

Check out our newly revised grant guidance, and our newly minted Collaborate recording of the webinar we hosted yesterday on the 2015-16 application process!

There is also a Power Point presentation, if you’d like to view the slide deck individually.

Our fiscal guru MIchele Rockwell walks you through access to our online grants management system (OGMS) and the intricacies of creating a budget– listen for her Dr. Suess joke!

Alissa Sells, my eLearning twin, and I, discuss the criteria for our research-based, formative application process, as well as elaborate on our new mantra: learn, create, release (openly), and share.

Questions about ATL applications: Jennifer Whetham, jwhetham@sbctc.edu

Questions about eLearning and Open Education applications: Alissa Sells, asells@sbctc.edu

Questions about OGMS: Shannon Bell, sbell@sbctc.edu

Questions about budget: Michele Rockwell, mrockwell@sbctc.edu

My Decade of Mistakes: Blackboard Collaborate Recording and Materials

IGNIS Promo - My Decade of Mistakes - ALYSON INDRUNASThank you to Alyson Indrunas, eLearning Director at Everett Community College, for kicking off our 2015 IGNIS Webinar series with such passion and integrity.  Her presentation, My Decade of Mistakes– Four Things I Did Wrong as an Online Teacher, has received much praise from our record number (more than 70!) of attendees.

Transforming the Classroom through the Standards for Mathematical Practice: Blackboard Collaborate Recording, Slide Deck, Handouts, and More Resources

Assessment, Teaching, and Learning SBCTC LogoThank you to Carren Walker of Collaborative for Ambitious Mathematics for her fabulous webinar yesterday!

Transforming the Classroom through the Standards for Mathematical Practice” presents online resources to support teachers who seek  to change both content and pedagogy in their courses, with a focus on active learning, formative assessment, and specific examples of tasks and approaches.

Carren Walker

Click here to view the Blackboard Collaborate recording

Click here for Carren’s handouts from the presentation

Click here to view the slide deck from the presentation

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During the webinar, participants asked for a list of reading resources for more information.  Below are Carren’s recommendations:

  1. Sherin, M. Louis, D. & Mendez, E.P. (2000). Students’ Building on One Another’s Mathematical Ideas. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 6, 186-190.
  2. Lotan, R. (2003). Group-worthy tasks. Educational Leadership, 60(6), 72-75.
  3. Kazemi, E. (1998). Discourse that promotes conceptual understanding. Teaching children mathematics, 410-414.
  4. Herbel-Eisenmann, B.A., & Breyfogle, M.L. (2005). Questioning our Patterns of Understanding. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 10(9), 484-489.

Two long pieces:

  1. Staples, M. (2007). Promoting whole-class collaborative inquiry in a secondary mathematics classroom. Cognition & Instruction, 25(2), 161-217.
  2. Gresalfi, M. (2009). Taking up opportunities to learn: Constructing dispositions in mathematics classrooms. The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 18, 327-369.


Featherstone, H., Crespo, S., Jilk, L.M., Oslund, J. A., Parks, A. N., & Wood, M. B. (2011). Smarter together! Collaboration and equity in the elementary math classroom. Renton, VA: NCTM.

IGNIS Webinar Recording: K-12/CTC Partnerships, LGBPTQIA, QM: Transition from F2F to Hybrid, Reading Apprenticeship


Thank you to our fabulous presenters today!  It is inspiring and humbling to hear about the great professional development that is happening across our system during the 2013-14 Faculty Learning Communities.  These presentations achieve a lovely balance of content about the work and the process of learning in this modality . . . with GREAT visuals!

View the Blackboard Collaborate recording

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Reimagining Relationships Between High School and College Instructors

Tacoma Community College

LGBT+– LGBPTQIA Socially Responsible Faculty

Highline Community College

Transitioning a Face-to-Face Course to a Hybrid Course Using the Quality Matters™ Rubric Standards and Best Practices for Blended Learning

Olympic College

Reading Apprenticeship Across Disciplines and Programs

Highline Community College

 See the IGNIS Webinar Schedule for a complete list of upcoming FLC Highlights!

IGNIS Webinar Recording: IGNITE eLearning

IGNIS WEbinar ThreeSBCTC eLearning and ATL wish to thank you for joining us for our  third IGNIS webinar!

IGNITE eLearning

Best Practices (and Experiments!) in eLearning

As usual, our presenters really delivered insightful and challenging presentations!

For those of you that may have missed it, please check out the webinar recording.

Click Here to View the Recording

Love it, like it, hate it…be sure to let us know what you think!

Please take our quick webinar survey if you attended the session Thursday or after you watch the webinar recording.  We appreciate your feedback!

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